How to Equip Cosmetics

The following is a quick guide on how to equip cosmetics to your toons:

1. Press ‘C’ to open your Character Panel. This panel displays your stats, armour and has various tabs and buttons to other aspects pertaining to your toon.

2. Click on the Cosmetic Outfits tab.

3. Choose an open Outfit Slot. Every account gets slots 1 and 2 open for free. The rest must be purchased in the LOTRO store for Turbine Points.

4. Select a garment from your inventory bags and drag it to the appropriate thumbnail. Helmets in the head square, gloves in the hands square, etc.

5. Once your outfit is arranged to your satisfaction, click on the button next to ‘Wear the Following Outfit.’

6. Ta da! Enjoy your new look and be prepared for flattery!


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