About Me

Mae g’ovannen!

My name is Candle and I play an Elf Minstrel on the Imladris server of Lord of the Rings Online.  I have always loved the cosmetic aspect of LOTRO since I first learned about it, and for years now have enjoyed designing and collecting my own unique costumes.  I am not a subscriber to LOTRO, so I can’t access every piece of armour in the game, nor do I have all of the pieces that are unique to the LOTRO Store.  My ethos in outfitting it to make the best of what you can purchase in-game, collect from quests and loot from enemies.  Hopefully I’ll be able to show in this blog that anyone can create some fun outfits with just a little creativity and the right inspiration.

As abovementioned, I have been playing LOTRO for some years now, though I have a habit of abandoning toons once I get bored with them, since I don’t play specifically to reach endgame and have the best gear possible.  I play for the experience, the camaraderie and the fun of lovely outfits!  As such, I decided that it’s about time to overcome my shyness and start putting my outfit ideas out there.  Hopefully this means I’ll be sticking with this character and we’ll see a lot more of the somewhat shambolic but always cheerful Candle.

Although I have a plethora of characters of nearly every class and all races on different servers, (literally more than I could recall), this blog will be specifically dedicated to Candle the Elf.  However, that’s not to say that maybe another one won’t perhaps sneak their way on from time to time…  As it is, though, please feel free to leave me any questions you have regarding different classes and races.  One amazing aspect of LOTRO cosmetics is the ability to share outfits between classes and levels using the Wardrobe feature, so don’t worry if something you see here sparks your interest, say Candle in level 75 Heavy Armour, but you have a level 1 Dwarf Minstrel who’s only capable of wearing Light Armour.  I’m not an outfitting expert, (and certainly not when it comes to taking screenshots!), but if something inspires you get in touch and I’ll do what I can to help.

All screenshots in this blog are taken by me using my LOTRO accounts.  All rights to the content belong to Turbine, Warner Brothers and their subsidiaries, and of course Mr. Tolkien.

I hope you enjoy Fashion by Candlelight and don’t be afraid to comment!



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