Cosmetics Guides

Cosmetic outfitting is one of the most fun aspects of Lord of the Rings Online.  It’s like an entirely new game in itself!  Whereas most brave adventurers seek out armour upgrades to increase their potency in battle against the dark forces of Mordor, some of us enjoy wandering aimlessly through the depths of Moria or somehow finding ourselves in the fastness of Orthanc simply because we were looking for the perfect hat to make a nice new outfit complete.  I have braved monstrous spider queens, colossal trolls and even the vile Nazgûl in my efforts to match some shoes and gloves.  It’s fun, it can be frivolous, and to some players completely baffling, but outfitting is a delightful hobby to have and I would encourage all LOTRO players to check their rush towards endgame and just enjoy the beauty of cosmetics.

The following are links to some brief guides intended to help new players understand what cosmetics are all about.  I hope you’ll find them useful:

What are Cosmetics?

How to Equip Cosmetics


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