Damn you, technology!

Sadly no outfit posts for a little while. As mentioned in my most recent post, since updating for Riders of Rohan I’ve been experiencing a problem with texture detail. Seems I’m not the only one with this issue, so hopefully Turbine will catch wind of it and a fix will be forthcoming. I’ve submitted bug reports and posted on the forums. Fingers crossed! Until then I’d rather wait to showcase outfits at their best, rather than shoddy and half-done. Chin up, though. Rohan is still fun!



Yay! The blog recently passed 5000 views! It may seem like a tiny number compared to some blogs, but mine is just a modest little offering in a quiet corner of the Internet, so I’m thrilled. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the viewers out there, especially those that are kind enough to leave comments. Much appreciated!

(By the way, do you like my fancy pink walls? My house is so cheesy!)

Quick Update

A speedy apology for no recent outfits! I’ve been mega busy with work lately, so I haven’t had any time at all for LOTRO. Rest assured, however, I have some outfits waiting to be screenshotted and plenty more ideas in the pipeline. Fret not, fellow fashionistas!

Some Musings…

Hooray! The Farmer’s Faire is upon us at last! Future posts will certainly be dedicated to the cosmetics you can acquire from this fun event, (already there are some real gems), but I’ll go into greater detail about the Faire in those posts. For now, I just wanted to share some thoughts I have on cosmetics, outfitting and the more ‘fluff’ aspects of LOTRO generally. Apologies in advance if this brief musing seems at all didactic. My only intention is to express my opinions, obvious as they may seem, and hopefully encourage you to share yours. Please feel free to comment and don’t be afraid to tell me what you think!

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Hey There, Friendship!

Well. What a lovely surprise! While ambling along my merry way, pestering crafters and begging random Hunters for ports so I can check out whether vendor items suit my current plan for an outfit, I absently switched back to my blog and noticed I had a couple of new comments. Lo and behold it was a fellow outfitter with a link to their blog. Unashamedly gigging with excitement, (unashamed because no one was nearby to hear me), I delved into the outfits showcased at The Ivy. You must check them out! Once you get over the shock of the incredible resolution of these screenshots you’ll fall in love with some lovely and unique outfit ideas.

Have a glance at Cherry Blossoms for one of the most striking uses of the Simbelmynë cosmetics from this year’s Spring Festival I’ve ever seen.

Hooray for friendship!