I’m really not sure how to begin this post. How to sum up the dynamism and excitement following the eventual release of the Riders of Rohan? Maybe if you imagine a humble blogger squealing with excitement as they go hurtling across the vast plains of the Surcrofts, the Wold or the Entwash Vale on a ridiculously speedy War-Steed. Not to mention, of course, picking up brand new cosmetics and Tailor recipes to titillate the outfitter’s imagination. In short, so far I think RoR is fantastic! I’m enjoying mounted combat far more than I ever imagined I would and Rohan is a fascinating region. I even named my War-Steed Pudding after the very first Blonde-Sorrel pony I ever rode in LOTRO, way back in the day. In a quick homage to Fangorn then, here’s an outfit thrown together with some quest rewards, befitting a blogger gibbering with wide-eyed wonder as they delve into the dark depths of Fangorn to awaken sleeping Ents.

This outfit is essentially a fairly standard RoR Light Armour set, in appearance. Even so I couldn’t resist! I also kept these screenshots fairly dark because it seemed wrong to brighten Fangorn too much. Hopefully the details and colours still show well enough. Although, on that note, since the update my graphics have been peculiar again. The detailing on this chest piece, (which inspired the look, after its Entish name and as an Ent-related quest reward), simply didn’t sharpen as I increased my graphics. This may be my poor processing power, but who knows? Anyway, a simple outfit. I matched the tree pattern on this robe with the wooden-style helmet, and accented with reds to match the cummerbund-style belt and pouches.

These aren’t the most action packed screenshots because Fangorn destroyed my frame rate at Ultra High graphics. However, I hope they inspire you to go and take a look there yourself. I urge you to! The horrifying Huorns and beautiful shafts of light filtering down through the mists are sights that must be experienced first hand. You have to see it in movement and at leasta glimpse in your highest resolution. Just be wary. Don’t crank up the graphics when you’re standing too close to a tree. You never know if it may have eyes on you…

Head: Flame-Resistant Hat (Rivendell Green Dye)
Shoulders: Harrowarmas
Chest: Oldheart’s Ancient Robe
Gloves: Gloves of the Green Grove (Crimson Dye)
Shoes: Padded Easterling Shoes (Red Dye)