Lord of the Rings Online is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) based on the works of the inimitable J.R.R. Tolkien.  It is set in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, and follows the plot of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, with some new content created just for the game.  In LOTRO, you fight as one of the Free Peoples against the might of the Dark Lord Sauron and his myriad of evil minions, as well as facing older and more horrible denizens of the darkest depths of Middle-Earth.  In Player Versus Monster-Player (PVMP) you even have the opportunity to play as one of the servants of the Enemy, including a few great cosmetics!  This blog, however, will focus on the Free Peoples, since they’re more or less free in every sense of the word, and because the range for outfitting is so much greater.


There are four playable races in LOTRO: Man, Elf, Hobbit and Dwarf.

Each race can be customised in terms of hair and eye colour, hair style, body type, etc., can wear any cosmetic and should feel free to mix up styles.  However, it’s advisable to consider what works best for each body type.  A Dwarf wearing a robe, for example, will suffer a graphical overlap if they also wear a cloak, wherein the robe will break through the cloak as it flaps in the wind.  Similarly, the body of a male Elf is oddly proportioned, with exceptionally slim waists and broad shoulders, so wearing shoulder armour can sometimes seem like overkill.  These little attentions to racial details can really help the believability of your outfit and make it seem more like it was intended to be worn by your character.


There are nine playable classes in LOTRO: Burglar, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-Master, Minstrel, Rune-Keeper and Warden.

Although via the Wardrobe all classes can equip any armour, if you haven’t purchased Wardrobe slots with Turbine Points (TP) class proficiencies are as follows:

Light Armour: Lore-Master, Minstrel, Rune-Keeper.
Light and Medium Armour: Burglar, Hunter. Warden.
Light, Medium and Heavy Armour: Captain, Champion, Guardian.


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