Harvest Sprite

Ahh! Riders of Rohan in one day! I feel like I should have made a load of horse themed outfits. Yet, as ever, my inspirations come entirely haphazard and barely contextual. For once, though, I managed to put together an autumnal outfit just as the Autumn Festival draws to a close. This outfit was actually inspired by an outfit by Laenlis over at Landroval Style. I really liked the idea of the King of Autumn, so I wondered how I could pay homage with my own Elven prince.

I tried to use a mix of luxury and serviceable garments in this outfit, since Autumn makes me think of beauty and bounty, yet also the hard work of harvesting. I was particularly drawn to these gloves which I’ve had for a while and teamed them with the rough-stitched shirt, while simultaneously tying the leaf or petal patterns of the shirt sleeves with the leaves on the boots. I also quite like how the golden leaves in the circlet seem to disappear into Candle’s blond hair, making it almost evocative of a sprite who is made up of all things autumnal.

I hope I can do Laenlis’ outfit justice with my interpretation, especially since I wasn’t all that inspired by the Autumn Festival cosmetics initially. I also hope it’s an interesting enough outfit to withstand the excitement surrounding the new expansion. Just think of all the cosmetic goodness that awaits. I’ll bear that in mind while driving my war-steed repeatedly into a rock, (I’m so uncoordinated!) See you in Rohan!

Head: Harvest-Brew Circlet
Chest: Elven Cloth Shirt (Rust Dye)
Hands: Enduring Gauntlets of Might (Ranger Green Dye)
Leggings: Trousers of Determination (Ranger Green Dye)
Shoes: Elven Campaigner’s Boots (Olive Dye)
Back: Wrap of the Turning Leaves (Gold Dye)


4 thoughts on “Harvest Sprite

  1. Heh what a coincidence, I just posted an outfit for my male elf yesterday, with those same leggings (although they had a different name, the design is not unique, it seems). Autumn seems to be a great inspiration for many bloggers:)

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