Desert Rose

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Sonnen. Clearly she’s been very busy! Adventuring far and wide, the weary Sonnen makes her way back from her journeys into the eastern lands dressed in the traditional garb of an Easterling traveller. With a cowled helm to protect against sandstorms and supple, maneuverable armour, even this gentle Lore-Master is more than a match for the thralls of Mordor spilling out the barren wastes beyond the Black Land.

I’m not the greatest fan of tunic and trousers sets, as I’ve mentioned before, because they often don’t allow you to add gloves or shoes and can sometimes be rather oddly proportioned. Yet thankfully the more recent tunics, (some of them anyway), do allow for a more rounded outfitting experience. I really like the ‘trousers’ on this tunic, so I added these gauntlets because they dye exceptionally well, in order to make the arms and legs a little more matching. The primary inspiration for this outfit, though, came from the helmet, which I’ve long admired. Sadly on male Elves it can look oddly elongated, but it’s a lovely match for our favourite bronzed beauty.

I had originally intended to use a robe with this outfit to create a merchant from the south or east. However, I’ve never seen anyone wearing this tunic while playing on Imladris, so I decided to give it a go. It really reminds me of a Roman gladiator, though, especially given the armoured appearance and the leather skirt. Perhaps in future I’ll make a gladiatorial outfit. I always have liked the look of that coliseum in the Rift…

Head: Wandering Bard’s Helm (Grey Dye)
Chest: Easterling Tunic and Trousers (Sienna Dye)
Hands: Fel-Durnvol (White Dye)
Shoes: Fated Brushed Campaign Shoes (Red Dye)
Back Cloak of the Grey Company (Crimson Dye)


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