Highland Warrior

What a time of it I’ve had lately! After a recent devastating computer crash I was forced to reinstall LOTRO and all my other software from scratch. Unfortunately, I must have missed some graphics updates or something because ever since my in-game rendering has been awful. Hopefully it won’t affect the quality of my screenshots too much. Anyway, that aside I do have cause to celebrate. Thanks to some very kind people on Imladris, I was given the opportunity to collect one of the Platinum Coins of Spirit from the Vile Maw raid. These Coins can be bartered in Moria for either the head or shoulder pieces that complete the Moria teal armour set for your class. In the case of a Minstrel this would be either the Hat or Shoulders of the Mighty Verse, both of which I’ve wanted for the longest time. I don’t take part in many raids since none of my toons are in Kinships, and I know more casual cosmeticians than I do endgame players. Nonetheless, I was thrilled with the chance to finally get my hands on a Coin without having to hope luck was on my side with a roll/pass system.

I opted for the shoulder piece with my Coin, and was immediately reminded of a Celtic warrior, swathed in a tartan wrap over his armour. I teamed this up with a cloak to make the shoulders seem less like a wrap, and changed Candle’s typical hair to one of longer braids. Although this blog mainly focuses on Candle, I do like to make outfits that can be transferred among races and classes. This one especially I would have liked on a Race of Man male with a beard and long, Celtic hair. I teamed up the softer clothing with some Westfold Heavy Armour pieces because the chainmail and the boots especially seem so reminiscent of a highland warrior. I finished the outfit with a large, sturdy sword to give the impression of a claymore, and these gloves that are all at once patterned to match the tartan, chainmail and furry to link with the tassels of the shoulders.

There might be a little break between outfit posts while I try to get my computer back together. Every two minutes I’m assaulted by updates as it realigns itself so I’m always being dragged out of LOTRO. Tut! Silly hardware.

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mighty Verse (Red Dye)
Chest: Tactical Dunlending War Armour (Crimson Dye)
Gloves: Gauntlets of the Bloodletter (Ered Luin Blue Dye)
Shoes: Vibrant Westfold War Boots (Rivendell Green Dye)
Back: Plain Cloak (Red Dye)
Weapon: Forged Dwarf-Craft Sword of Combat


6 thoughts on “Highland Warrior

  1. Oh! I love this! He does look like a Celtic warrior. I am a sucker for anything Highland. I’m currently reading the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon which is about a modern day woman who passes through standing stones in Scotland and ends up back in time during the period of the Highlanders. Anyway the point is I get excited about anything Celtic/Highlander and this outfit is amazing! Congrats on willing your mini shoulders also 🙂

  2. First of all, good you made it back! 🙂 If you had to reinstall Lotro and seem to miss some graphics features, make sure did indeed instal the HIGH RESOLUTION client (there are two LOTRO clients, one low one high). After installing the HIGH res client, check your settings and make sure that on the graphics tab the ANTIALIASING is set to 8x. From your screenshots it appears that it’s currently set to none. Go to advanced graphic settings and make sure you use the highest settings possible when taking screenshots. You don’t always have to play that way as not all systems can muster that, but at least for the shots make sure they are set to ultra high. If you don’t see the ultra high option, you have the wrong client.
    And about the outfit: the chest piece looks surprisingly good on an elf and I like the colours you used!

    • Haha, oh yes! I’ve been all through the rigmarole of redownloading the wrong client, then with some assistance finding the high-res one and getting that instead. Of course, I always screenshot in ultra high, but you were right my anti-aliasing was disabled. My poor little computer can only manage 4x but hopefully that makes a difference. Thank you very much!

    • Thank you very much! I have to agree, I’m not their biggest fan. They often look unwieldy on a lot of races’ bodies, and their patterns are often so flat and unrealistic, (check out the chain necklace thing on the Medium Armour chest piece). I heard some complaints that the Heavy piece was one of the ugliest cosmetics in-game though, so my challenge was to make it look at least presentable. I’m glad you like it, and welcome to the blog! 😀

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