The Thespian

The Treasure Hunt. What larks! In my time playing LOTRO I’ve only seen one other Treasure Hunt, and only very briefly. This time I was determined to stick it out and collect as many of the cosmetics as I could manage. Well, after almost an entire day doing nothing but hacking at the frozen ground I had managed to unearth several cosmetics and barter for a few more. I think at this point I’m only missing one, but given how long I was there and how interminable the waits for quest cooldowns seemed I frankly didn’t have the willpower to continue! Luckily, I did manage to collect both cave-claw masks, which gave me an idea of a set of actor costumes. I mentioned the Commedia dell’Arte in a previous post and that’s precisely what I’ve reminded of with these masks.

I actually managed to nab this chest piece before the cave-claw masks. I found it on the Auction House, and to this day I’ve never seen another one like it. I love the diamond pattern, which of course reminded me of a harlequin character, and given its variety of colours and textures the rest of the outfit came from that inspiration. I tried to keep this outfit fairly matching but at the same time disparate, matching shades of conflicting colours like reds and greens and a mix of hard and soft shapes to enhance the fantasy of the costume.

I really enjoy using cosmetics in this quirky way, rather than just trying to create an Elf-cave claw hybrid. I must admit, that’s why I’m rather disappointed with the current Harvestmath cosmetics. Their beer and pretzel designs are lovely and very festive, but they do seem rather limiting to me. Such bold motifs obviously lend themselves to a rather specific design set. Nonetheless, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of interesting combinations out there, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Head: Golden Cave-Claw Mask (Dark Green Dye)
Shoulders: Dwarf-Leather Shoulder Guards of Might (Orange Dye)
Chest: Jacket of Might (Crimson Dye)
Gloves: Rock-Climber’s Gloves
Leggings: Barrow-Scout’s Leggings (Crimson Dye)
Shoes: Wood-Bound Boots (Dark Green Dye)
Weapon: Goldram


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