The Curtain Falls

Back to the Methel-Stage for the cue of Candle the villain! After making my protagonist-cum-harlequin with the Golden Cave-Claw mask, I of course had to make use of this version mask for a scraggy, villainous character. While planning this outfit I was actually wishing I had the ‘Boo’ emote, which coincidentally can be bartered during the Autumn festival. Talk about fortunate!

The pause in between the Treasure Hunt and uploading these actor outfits was mainly due to (surprise, surprise!) collecting enough Medallions of the North-Men to barter for this robe. I also was finally able to use these great shoulders from the Moria Lore-Master set. I’ve always liked this style of shoulder piece just because it’s so unusual and graphic, but on male Elves they can be very tricky. The bizarre proportions of male Elvish bodies in LOTRO means that a lot of shoulder pieces become humongous and oversized when worn. Thankfully, the fact that this mask exaggerates the size of the head allows for more room to play with larger shoulders.

I hadn’t realised how close we were to the Autumn festival when I made this outfit. Although Halloween is still quite a way off, it’s still a lot of fun to charge around the Haunted Burrow dressed like some creepy cave-claw mutant. Especially leaping out and startling unwary adventurers. BOO!

Head: Wooden Cave-Claw Mask (Grey Dye)
Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Stone-Student (Grey Dye)
Chest: Lesser Memory of the West Robe (Umber Dye)
Gloves: Dwarf Padded Gloves of Might (Grey Dye)
Shoes: Padded Shoes of Fleetness (Black Dye)


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