Arr, me hearties! International Talk Like a Pirate Day came and went, but collecting a bazillion bottles of ale for the piratical cosmetics means I still have plenty of grog to share with my shipmates. I’ve always loved these cosmetics, including the tattered cloaks from the Inn of the Forsaken instance, so I was thrilled when I realised I hadn’t missed the boat, (pun very much intended), and that I still had time to nab them. I also really liked the quest itself. While wandering along a linear path, picking up items as you go doesn’t sound very exciting, it was certainly very inspiring. I liked the idea of a grizzled pirate, dragging himself out of the murky waters of the river, bemoaning any treasure he might have lost, even more than his wrecked ship or scattered crew.

This outfit is quite a hodge-podge, in terms of gathering it together. The hat-and-eyepatch combo is, of course, one of the pirate cosmetics, though this one is actually an armour piece that I found during the quest, as opposed to a pure cosmetic that I bartered. I crafted the chest and trousers and bought the shoulders from the Auction House. The gloves are a cosmetic from the Epic Line and the cloak is available from the Skirmish Camp, though a hooded version can also be purchased in the LOTRO Store. The boots are a quest reward and have always seemed to me to have been taken straight from the feet of a pirate captain, the turned-over leather so perfect for wading through the waves as he strides up some unmarked beach to bury his loot.

As I rarely stick with toons for long after reaching the level cap, I’m managing to gather a lot more of the annual event cosmetics with Candle. Of course, that leads to some serious space issues. I have several vaults filled to the brim already, not to mention my toons are all walking around with multiple bags chock full of potential outfits. I really hope that when Riders of Rohan goes live there’ll be the option to upgrade the vaults a little more, especially for those of us not pre-ordering for the sixth bag. Anyway, until then, yo ho ho, launch the Jolly Roger and on to the next outfit!

Head: First Mate’s Hat and Eyepatch (Navy Dye)
Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Guards of Fleetness (Black Dye)
Chest: Elven Protector’s Armour (Navy Dye)
Gloves: Isengard Prisoner Gloves (Black Dye)
Leggings: Quilted Leggings (Umber Dye)
Shoes: Angoldal (Grey Dye)
Back: Recovered Sailor’s Cloak (Navy Dye)

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