Copper War Maiden

Urun, from the root ‘run’ meaning red, is the Quenya word for copper. Throughout Tolkien’s legendarium copper features as a metal of great note. It was favoured so much by Mahtan, (the father of Nerdanel who married Fëanor, the creator of Silmarils), that he was renowned for wearing a copper circlet, prizing it even above gold, until he came to be known as Urundil or ‘copper-lover.’ Copper was also one of the six metals used to forge the great chain that bound Melkor for three ages. Here we have a warrioress bearing the Cloak of Urun, carrying the strength and adaptability of copper onto the battlefield.

I won this cloak during my In Their Absence adventures from the Northcotton Farm instance. It’s nice for such an easy instance, (at the current level cap), to pay out a rather unique cloak. It certainly makes slapping all those Hobbits that much more satisfying. Leading off from the spikey yellow pattern, I was immediately drawn to the shoulders, gloves and helmet from one Skirmish Camp set, and the rest I put together with pieces from the Moria dungeon sets and low level armour vendors.

Although copper is usually more orange in tone, (or even green), I opted for a piece in browns because that’s just how the version of the cloak I won was originally dyed. I really liked the colour of it with the warming yellows, and especially given Sonnen’s bronzed skin tone I think it worked quite well. I hope you think so too!

Head: Ceremonial Dragon-Scale Helm (Sienna Dye)
Shoulders: Ceremonial Dragon-Scale Shoulders (Sienna Dye)
Chest: Chainmail Jacket (Sienna Dye)
Gloves: Ceremonial Dragon-Scale Gloves (Sienna Dye)
Leggings: Ceremonial Leggings of the Quiet Step (Sienna Dye)
Shoes: Ceremonial Boots of the Iron Arm (Sienna Dye)
Back: Cloak of Urun (Sienna Dye)


5 thoughts on “Copper War Maiden

    • Haha, tell me about it! I had trouble finding a suitable head piece, and I’m always reluctant to use too many pieces from one set. I do like how the yellow crest of the helmet matches the shape of the yellow section of the cloak though. Silver linings 😛

  1. I like this a lot! The helmet is crazysauce, which means — yep, Starry loves it!

    But the copper tones really please me — I think sienna is an underutilized dye, considering how many warm, bright tones it brings to cosmetic pieces.

  2. Ooh Candle, this is lovely! I love the warm browns and golds; it all comes together perfectly! As the awesome Laenlis said, sienna is way under used; indeed it adds so much depth to an outfit. 🙂

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