Protector of Elven Values

What a surprise. Raining again! I swear, it’s a conspiracy against my screenshots. Luckily, the gloomy weather lends itself to this outfit, accentuating the misty greys of Thinglad. The encroaching storm also suits this Elven soldier, sent from Lothlórien to aid in the defence of the golden wood’s southern border. Clad in thick plate armour and carrying a sturdy shield, the Protector of Elven Values is a solid defender capable of withstanding the heaviest blows from Orcish weapons before landing crushing blows with his mace. None may stand against Lothlórien whilst this soldier walks the banks of the Anduin.

This outfit was interminable. It began when I bought the helmet and shoulders together from the Auction House. I see a lot of outfits using that combination, but I wanted to make something slightly different and rather more Elvish. After a very lengthy slog through In Their Absence instances, I had enough medallions to barter for the chest piece. Then… things slowed down. I kept the outfit half finished in an Outfit Slot for the longest time. I really wanted plate leggings, but those kind are often of Dwarf make which didn’t suit the rest of the outfit at all. It was also difficult to match the shades of grey and gold I already had. It would have been easy to simply dye them a more vibrant colour, but I wanted this outfit to be as true to armour as I could get. To match the rounded shapes of the helmet and shoulders, I wanted rounded boots and gloves, but they were either too small or the wrong shape, and even the ones I settled on dyed a darker shade than I would have liked. Ultimately though, I think it came together well enough. If I had owned one, I might have added a grey-dyed Swan Cloak to this outfit, but luckily I think it looks just as good, and actually more battle-ready without one.

As with my previous outfit, I love the bird motif of this chest piece. The spreading wings are such a proud statement when emblazoned across armour. Hopefully they tie in well with the side parts of these leggings. Now, if only I could finally complete Barad Guldur and actually win some emblems for the very ornithological Mirkwood set…

Head: Iachâd-het (White Dye)
Shoulders: Môr-palvais (White Dye)
Chest: Lesser Ward of the West Breastplate (White Dye)
Gloves: Parch-Durnvol (Grey Dye)
Leggings: Lesser Defender of the West Leggings (White Dye)
Shoes: Gwern-Lhopan (Grey Dye)
Weapon: Polished Ancient Steel Mace of Combat
Shield: Balksgrunn

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