Elven Envoy

No matter when I log into LOTRO, no matter what time of day, if I plan to take screenshots you can guarantee it will either be night-time or raining. Every time! Poor lighting and thunderstorms, without fail. Still, it does provide some very atmospheric backgrounds. Here then is an outfit for an envoy from the Elves of Rivendell, as he makes his way through the treacherous Trollshaws on his way into the western lands. Passing by a tumble of ruins set into a cliffside, he investigates and discovers that they are actually the Elven camp of Thorenhad, where he decides to rest, the high vantage point enabling him to scout out the terrain ahead while waiting for the storm to break.

This was another quite unexpected outfit. I snapped up the hauberk from the Auction House just because I didn’t have one already. I had no plans for it, and wasn’t immediately inspired to create anything. It was only when playing around with some bird-themed pieces, (to match the bird design of the hauberk), that it began to come together. I did consider the Songmaster’s Shoes, which feature a very nice wing pattern, but their yellow tones didn’t really match the rest of the set. Instead, I opted for these heavy boots which I tried to tie in with the chainmail sleeves of the hauberk, into a more serviceable and less fancy Elven adventurer’s design.

Perhaps because I like to play Elves, I have a tendency to lean towards prettier designs. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine Candle in some sackcloth affair, getting his boots dirty as he slogs through the mud. As such, I really like these pieces that feature bird motifs, as they’re very nice to look at but still have an inherent sense of adventure. They certainly allow for slightly more extravagant outfits that still seem masculine and actually wearable in the field.

Head: Ceremonial Circlet of the Graven Word (Black Dye)
Chest: Simple Hauberk (Black Dye)
Gloves: Chainmail Gloves (Red Dye)
Shoes: Sturdy Defender’s Boots (Black Dye)
Back: Tarchol (Black Dye)


3 thoughts on “Elven Envoy

  1. Nicely done! Well-designed, good colors and great screenshots! I like the simplicity of the outfit but with matching details, especially the juxtaposed birds. šŸ™‚

  2. I really like this! You have made the hauberk shine, which I feel is not an easy task! Excellent choice of boots and gloves (keeping the gloves short was genius), and the circlet is perfect. Well done! šŸ™‚

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