Seeker of Wisdom

The libraries of Rivendell are brimming with ancient texts and tomes of all but forgotten lore, but Middle-Earth is vast and old. Much wisdom lies beyond the Elven vale, buried within crumblings ruins or in the depths of dungeons, just waiting to be discovered by a diligent adventurer. Here then is Candle, the Seeker of Wisdom, an intellectual with a penchant for learning the most obscure knowledge this world has to offer. Dressed in a robe-like outfit befitting his academic bent, albeit one cut high for ease of movement, he sets forth from the Last Homely House to brave the dangers of ancient catacombs with an armoured helm and a protective breastplate. After all, such knowledge must be preserved at all costs, though that cost needn’t necessarily be one’s own life…

This chest piece is one of my favourite rewards from the Great River region. It’s Light Armour, but the shell-like plating makes it look good and tough for an explorer. It also matches leggings which turn it into a proper robe outfit, but these leggings are much more accessible as Dunland quest rewards, which are unvailable to me. Instead, I tried to recreate a similar feeling with these Burglar leggings from Enedwaith. The combination of the leather with the plating makes this outfit a lot more rugged than your run-of-the-mill robe. I tied it together with some pieces from Skirmish Raids – the boots and helmet. Although you can’t really see with this outfit, these boots feature a gold pattern on their backs and pale blue heels and toes, which match well with the helmet’s front pattern and jewel, and work nicely when used as the feature pieces of an outfit. The gloves and backpack came from the Skirmish Camp and are easily accessible. I particularly like how the rather random strap across the front of the chest piece works well with a backpack. I considered the Sage’s Pack because the shape would have fit very well, and the same could be said about adding a Rune-Keeper satchel.

I had some good luck with skirmish raids recently. I rarely join them because character stats and so on don’t matter much to me, so improving my gear isn’t all that thrilling. Yet if there’s a chance for a unique cosmetic I leap at it. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring some of those hard-won rewards to new outfits soon.

Head: Helm of Parted Clouds (Burgundy Dye)
Chest: Angolham (Burgundy Dye)
Gloves: Ceremonial Silver-Voice Gloves (Rust Dye)
Leggings: Lesser Secret of the West Leggings (Burgundy Dye)
Shoes: Wood-Bound Boots (Rust Dye)
Back: Map-Maker’s Travel Pack (Umber Dye)

5 thoughts on “Seeker of Wisdom

  1. Ooh, love the rich colors of this outfit and that head piece is beautiful. I like how you substituted the burglar legs for the matching ones. Great post!

    I’ve never done a raid skirmish but have been dying to. What can I expect?

    • Thank you 🙂 They’re pretty much exactly the same as regular skirmishes, except the bosses have slightly different tactics. Haha by which I mean they hit a bit harder, nothing extravagant. Then, the leader will use a Master Looter rule, and you have to manually /roll for whatever items are in the chests.

  2. You make beautiful male elves, they look really good! I love that chest piece on him. My male elves tend to look silly really quickly. There must be some trick to making them look normal. 🙂

    • Oh wow that’s such a compliment coming from you! 😀 Yes I have some trouble sometimes with my male Elf looking like he’s being deflated from his belly button. A good trick I find is, like with anyone who’s very broad-shouldered, is to balance him out at the hips or use flared leggings like these ones. Even for an Elven warrior, an hourglass shape is a good starting point haha 😛

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