White Ranger

It had to happen sooner or later. A ranger style outfit. I tend to stay away from these kinds of outfits because not only have they been done a million times before by much more accomplished outfitters than myself, but also because these kind of outfits are so prevalent in-game. For instance, in the epic questline you receive a complete ranger outfit, and countless armour pieces lend themselves to that theme. It stands to reason of course, (this is LOTRO after all), but nonetheless it can seem a bit obvious to an outfitter who aspires for originality and creativity. Nevertheless, a true ranger outfit was long overdue, so here’s my first attempt. I just wish Minstrels could wield a cosmetic bow!

This outfit came together fairly easily. Every piece was found in the Auction House, except for the hood and cloak which are parts of one of the abovementioned cosmetic ranger outfits. As the chest piece is a ‘onesie,’ like most of the Rise of Isengard expansion armours, it was really just a case of fitting gloves and shoes to that. I don’t think I’ve seen these boots before, certainly ones like them, (and admittedly, I thought they were a different pair when I bought them), but not ones with this metal plate front section. I liked that feature, though, because I very much like the idea of mixing in a little Heavy Armour with the more Medium style of ranger outfits, hence the metallic gauntlets and shoulder pads. It just makes them seem a bit more rugged and ready for a scrap, than only stealthily sneaking through the undergrowth.

I thought about the mixing of armour types when I was designing this outfit and began to think about types of rangers. There’s a quest in the epic line in which Elrond explains a little about the various Dúnedain and their individual expertise and roles. It would be interesting to imagine one of these specific rangers in cosmetics. A ranger well versed in lore, or one who specialises in combat, for example. Certainly something to consider…

Head: Fine Grey Company Hood (White Dye)
Shoulders: Thick Iron Shoulder Guards (Umber Dye)
Chest: Giard-Crus (White Dye)
Gloves: Parch-Durnvol (Grey Dye)
Shoes: Treiglur-Lhopan (Grey Dye)
Back: Cloak of the Grey Company

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