An Elvish Blade

Well this was an unexpected outfit. It began when I found this cloak in the Auction House and, given its undyeable yellow parts, resolved to finally make an outfit using the less than adored Yellow Dye. So much for that! Using the Dressing Room, I dyed the cloak black just to its pattern would stand out, which I browsed potential leggings for a yellow outfit. Lo and behold I found these stripey Elvish ones that matched rather well when dyed black and, well… This was the end result. I’m sure I’ll get round to a yellow outfit, though. One day. Probably…

As well as collecting cosmetics and interesting armour pieces, I also tend to collect weapons that look interesting or that I think could accentuate an outfit. I picked up this sword a while back and I think it matches quite well here. Interestingly, the description on this sword reads: “Crafted by master smiths of the Galadhrim, capturing the light of the stars from clear Lórien eves.” I only noticed this after taking the screenshots, which struck me as a happy coincidence given the starlit sky in the background and the very Elvish theme of the outfit.

This entire outfit is a bit of a pun on the word ‘blade,’ as both a sword and a rakish young gentleman, (which of course describes Candle to a tee). I’m very happy with the way I managed to capture the blade in motion, but I do sometimes wish I had a more powerful computer. This outfit has so many intricately detailed pieces, I can only imagine how much better it would look with greater resolution. Fingers crossed I bump into a wealthy financier who loves LOTRO outfitting!

Head: Elven Light Helm (Violet Dye)
Shoulders: Protector’s Shoulder Guards (Indigo Dye)
Chest: Elven Knight’s Armour (Violet Dye)
Gloves: Elven Leather Gauntlets (Yellow Dye)
Leggings: Elven Bronze Leggings (Black Dye)
Shoes: Condail (Black Dye)
Back: Cêl-clog (Black Dye)
Weapon: Blade of White Fire


4 thoughts on “An Elvish Blade

  1. Wow, really nice combination! Great idea to pair the cloak with those leggings. I love an outfit made with oldschool pieces with a little something new thrown in to keep it fresh. The cloak is so unexpected here and looks great! 🙂

  2. Hello Fbclotro i am a new fan here and i just had to comment on this outfit. I am very impressed how this came together knowing you only started off with the cloak. My favorite part are the leggings, i think no other piece could have fit better for this set.
    Great work, keep it up =]

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