Thane of the Wild Huntsman

This is an outfit I had been contemplating for a while, but being busy with my Lore-Master adventures I kept putting it off. As with a lot of my ideas this one came to me upon finding my way to an interesting location, namely the Hall of the Huntsman in Enedwaith. Back in the misty years of my LOTRO past when I was a dedicated free-to-play grinder, Enedwaith was the first quest pack I ever purchased, though of course I deeded the necessary TP for it. I remember even then being entranced by the Court of the Wild Huntsman quest, so having come across it again I knew I had to create an outfit in homage.

I began creating this outfit in more vibrant greens and browns, befitting a lush forest at the height of its growth. Yet as I experimented with dyes in the Dressing Room, I kept having the feeling that they weren’t quite right. The colour of the deer on the cloak didn’t quite match any version of sienna or gold, and the dyeable area in green wasn’t the same hue as the greens of the helmet and chest piece. Eventually, I chose to revamp the entire design with the much maligned Ranger Green dye, and use Grey dye on the cloak to match the chainmail of the chest, boots and gloves. It was only when back in the Hall of the Huntsman I realised how fortunate this was, as both the lighting and water were distinctly greyish, and the leaves floating on the surface of the water were almost exactly Ranger Green. Thank the gods of outfitting for happy coincidences!

I really like Ranger Green dye. I’m shameless in my admission. It gets such a bad press, and yet its subtlety and autumnal hue can really lend a haunting aspect to many outfits. Here, I hope it adds to the otherworldly nature of one of the spirits in the Huntsman’s Court. Clad in heavier armour than his brethren, he protects the borders of the ethereal realm from the incursions of mortals who dare to wander where they do not belong…

Head: Tolochar (Ranger Green Dye)
Shoulders: Potent Calenard Battle Pauldrons (Rust Dye)
Chest: Nos-Crus (Ranger Green Dye)
Gloves: Steel Gloves (Umber Dye)
Shoes: Steel Boots (Ranger Green Dye)
Back: Ranger’s Cloak of the Rider (Grey Dye)


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