A Druid Amongst Stones

Levelling a new toon after playing LOTRO for a while is boring, right? You know all the quests, you know the starter areas inside out, right? WRONG! One of the best things about LOTRO is stumbling across something you’ve never seen before, no matter how long you play. How many times have I rocketed through the Barrow Downs and never noticed this small circle of standing stones near their southern edge? While questing with Sonnen, I wandered into this miniature Stonehenge and was riveted by the sight. Unlike the grander sights of the Barrow Downs, such as the Dead Spire or the Great Barrow, this nameless henge captivated me with its unassuming simplicity, and of course reminded me of the rituals of druids. Hence, here we have Sonnen the druid, braving the dangers of the wight-haunted downs on a barefoot pilgrimage to a site of ancient magic…

This is an exceedingly simple outfit, enhanced mostly by the fun perks of being a Lore-Master. You can’t even imagine how giddy I am at having interesting staves to accentuate an outfit, not to mention the special touches different pets bring. In this instance a Blood-Raven highlights the red accents of the lining hidden inside the hood, and of course on the shoulders and gloves, whilst also lending towards the druidic theme with its connotations of wisdom, memory and farseeing. I wanted to keep this outfit simple and classic, (the white robe and hood combination that everyone has seen before), but with enough small details for it to stand out, such as the tree-patterned shoulders and fingerless gloves so the druid can feel the earth between her fingertips.

I’m really enjoying playing a Lore-Master, though I spend more time watching their brilliant skill animations than actually focusing on battle. The only problem is, another toon to dedicate outfits to means a severe lack of already limited vault and bag space! Oh the trials we outfitters must endure…

Head: Urdhol-Helm
Shoulders: Gwir-Palvais (Crimson Dye)
Chest: Death-Shroud
Gloves: Durn-Durnvol
Weapon: Heavy Ash Staff of Deflection
Pet: Blood-Raven


3 thoughts on “A Druid Amongst Stones

  1. Wow, very well done. I really enjoy your writing style as well.

    Although the outfit seems simple at first glance, upon looking closer one can see the care you took with small details (such as the plain wooden staff and fingerless gloves, not to mention the pagan symbolism of the color red).

    Thank you for such a thoughtful and intelligent post. 🙂


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