Summer Sky

Summer breeze, makes me feel fi-i-ine…! Since the sun has been beaming here and the sky is so beautifully blue, I thought it was high time I put something else together using the Farmer’s Faire cosmetics. Admittedly, I do prefer the held items on offer such as the lantern and fun egg basket. I’m also not really a fan of tunics and pants, since you can so rarely add your own gloves and shoes. Additionally, on Elves like Candle they tend to look like your toon is wearing a corset beneath a girdle. However, the cloaks are very nice, (though I wish there were hoodless alternatives – and probably will be in due time), so I decided to make Candle an outfit using one that was summery and fancy enough to attend the faire without seeming overtly festive.

I’ve seen a lot of people running around with this cloak dyed Evendim Blue, and you can see! It’s such a lovely shade here and really compliments the stalks of wheat pattern. I chose these pretty leggings because of the cross-patterned stitch at the seams, and tied this in with the same stitching in the centre of the cloak and along the cuffs of the boots. The ornate sleeves of the chest piece meant there was no real need for shoulders, and I stayed away from gloves to keep the outfit casual and as far away from a ranger or traveller style as I could with a hooded cloak.

The Farmer’s Faire certainly is a fun little event and a welcome break from the summer heat! I’m very much looking forward to the Summer festival soon and hopefully a lot of brand spanking new cosmetics. The hat available from the Farmer’s Faire is nice, but it is strikingly similar in shape to one from the Spring festival… Bring on the new stuff please, Turbine! Until then… MOAR COWBELL!

Chest: Ceremonial Town-Saver’s Jacket (Evendim Blue Dye)
Leggings: Ceremonial Silver-Voice Leggings (Sienna Dye)
Shoes: Brushed Leather Boots (Evendim Blue Dye)
Back: Hooded Cloak of the Harvest (Evendim Blue Dye)
Held Item: Cornstalk


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