Gathering Spores

Braving the plague-ridden depths of the Foundations of Stone takes more than strength and determination. Facing off against the foulness of the Globsnaga brood, gredbyg, kergrim and the despised Nameless requires a keen knowledge of poisons, diseases and, most importantly, the various species of fungi that infest the lower depths of the Black Pit. Here we find one such adventurer, brave or foolish enough to delve beyond the reach of the light in search of a cure for the vile plague. Garbed in a worn apron so as not to sully his clothes with the infectious spores, his hands have long since become immunised to their caustic effects, though he still wears thick, leather boots to protect himself as he wades through piles of detritus. A protective hood with a breathing-mask to help withstand the toxic air and a pack stuffed full of antidotes and spore samples complete his gear. He carries no weapon, for the poisons in his pack are proof enough against evil as he quietly slips through the endless dark.

It’s about time I made use of the new cosmetics from the Farmer’s Faire, though this outfit may not be the most expected. When I initially saw this tunic I must admit I wasn’t overawed. In its base white coluoration it looked more like a chef’s apron than anything suitable for gardening. Yet after testing a few shades of green dye in the Dressing Room, it began to remind me of a scientist or a battlefield surgeon. I then immediately thought of the Globsnaga fungus, and how a scientist in Middle-Earth could likely be a curious sage who wants to extract and examine the cause of that disease for the benefit of the Dwarves of Moria. That inspiration lead me to a hood with a mask, and of course the Sage’s Pack, the back of which matches the diamond-pattern stitching of the tunic, complete with its creepy severed hand, (surely a sample from some Goblin who fell foul of the plague).

Fortunately, as with other tunics since the Rise of Isengard expansion, (for example the Rohirrim tunic from the Riders of Stangard reputation vendor), you can add your own shoes to this one. Unfortunately, (and unlike the Rohirrim tunic), you cannot add gloves, which was a bit of a shame given the theme of this outfit. Below I also added an extra couple of screenshots to show the proper colours of the outfit; the Foundations of Stone make for an interesting location, but the greenish lighting is atrocious!

Head: Lesser Secret of the West Helmet (Turquoise Dye)
Chest: Gardener’s Apron (Turquoise Dye)
Shoes: Angoldal (Grey Dye)
Back: Sage’s Pack (White Dye)

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