Fool of the Faire

With summer firmly upon us now and the Farmer’s Faire just around the corner, it was about time for Candle to decide what to do with himself during the festivities. Of course, he’ll be perusing the local delicacies on offer from the master farmers and cooks of the Shire, not to mention getting his hands on a suitable outfit, but farming itself doesn’t really suit Candle all that well. Admittedly he’s a somewhat bumbling Elf, much less likely to ascend the Grand Stair of Moria than he is to slide down its banister, but nonetheless he is an Elf, and as such the yokel look doesn’t sit well with his athletic frame and noble bearing. For that reason, and given Candle’s silly nature and irrepressible good humour, what better occupation during the festive period than the Faire’s unofficial fool? That nobility is the perfect foil to a blindsighting punchline, and that athleticism ideal for tumbling and generally fooling around!

The cornerstone of this outfit is, of course, the notorious Helm of the North-Star, (not to be confused with the Helm of the North Star – note the lack of hyphen – available from the Rift and the Skirmish Camp). I acquired this helm without realising while finishing off some quests to increase Candle’s Virtues. It was only later when inspecting my bags I realised I’d picked it up. The rest of the outfit came from the Auction House, Skirmish Camp and was crafted. That is, all except the cloak, which is a barterable item from the Spring Festival. I didn’t manage to pick up this cloak myself during the festival, but a very nice player from France loaned this one to me for the outfit. Hooray for the wardrobe and for the kindness of random French people!

The Farmer’s Faire is scheduled for tomorrow, the 26th of July, and hopefuly, as a new event, it will come complete with all new cosmetics. I can’t wait to see not only what they are, but also how different players customise them into their own, unique styles. It’s an exciting time to be an outfitter!

Head: Helm of the North-Star
Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Guards (Dark Green Dye)
Chest: Leather Jacket of Fate (Dark Green Dye)
Gloves: Resplendent Gloves of Lothlórien (Dark Green Dye)
Leggings: Ceremonial Leggings of the Seven Stars (Sienna Dye)
Shoes: Ceremonial Nenuial’s Boots (Dark Green Dye)
Back: Spring Dandy Cloak

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