The King Rides Out

This. Took. Ages. Gathering the materials, the crafters and the Medallions of the North-Men that combined to make this outfit took me so long, I’m surprised we’re not in the Fifth Age of Middle-Earth by now. The idea for a regal, armoured look came to me during my adventures through the In Their Absence instance cluster. Completing the Glacier Fortress challenges nets you the nifty title, King or Queen of the Mountain. While this outfit isn’t necessarily aimed at that title, it nonetheless inspired me to create an outfit that would be apt for leading the charge into open battle.

This outfit primarily began when I just happened to see someone wearing this helmet. I’d never seen it before and fell in love with it immediately. The rest of the challenge for this outfit was just finding people who could craft the various pieces, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds! As a Tailor, I can craft the hooded version of this cloak, which I liked in black, and so hunted down someone who could make the hoodless version. The chest piece is either a single-use recipe or a Guild recipe, and the leggings are bartered in Enedwaith with those infamous Medallions. Fortunately, since the Moria pieces have been added to the Cosmetics Vendor at the Skirmish Camp, the boots and gloves are relatively easy to acquire.

I was a little dubious about this outfit because I have seen similar ones on other cosmetics blogs, but I tried to make this very much my own. I wanted a look befitting a regal Elf primed for the battlefield and hopefully that’s what I’ve achieved. Now, on to victory!

Head: Malledhrim Helmet of the Enlightened (Black Dye)
Shoulders: Sellsword’s Shoulder Guards (Black Dye)
Chest: Elven Knight’s Armour (Black Dye)
Gloves: Ceremonial Gauntlets of the Iron Arm (Black Dye)
Leggings: Lesser Defender of the West Leggings (Black Dye)
Shoes: Ceremonial Boots of the Iron Arm (Black Dye)
Back: Warrior’s Cloak of the Rider (Black Dye)
Weapon: Hardened Iron Sword of Deflection
Shield: Elven Knight’s Shield
Mount: Prized Malledhrim Horse


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