The Dragoon

Although not fitting its traditional definition of mounted infantry, what better title for a hunter of drakes than a Dragoon? With trusty sword in hand and a grim countenance, any such adventurer is ready to face the fire-blackened wastes of Angmar. The vile spawn of Angband are fearsome opponents indeed, but the viciously spiked armour and nimble leggings of the Dragoon more than attest to a foe worthy of even the eldest Dragons.

The Auction House really has been uncommonly kind to me recently. Every part of this outfit bar the boots was picked up in auction for round about two gold pieces total, (if that!). To a novice of Heavy Armour, such as your humble outfitter, this is a real blessing. I was thrilled with this helm, too. The same shape can be acquired from Skirmish Camps, ironically enough as the Ceremonial Dragon Scale Helm, but with different colouring. However, this is the first time I’ve ever seen such a purely metallic, (and indeed less ceremonial-looking), version of this helm. Always keep a look out for these kinds of drops; there’s an amazing variation of pieces that share the same name. Just yesterday I saw a Dwarf wearing a Tactical Helm that looked like a sunburst, (I’d never seen anything like it before!), and Ellerysen over at An Unexpected Fashion Blog showed me another indescribable helm that has to be seen to be believed. I do hope she showcases it because it’s one of the singularly most bizarre and unique helms I’ve ever seen in LOTRO, (and that’s saying something).

Thanks go to Ivy, (of The Ivy, funnily enough), for the inspiration to take some in-combat action shots. Though I could never hope to emulate her incredible resolution, I hope I did this outfit justice. Watch out, St. George, Candle the Dragoon is coming to steal your spotlight!

Head: Helm of Vigour (Red Dye)
Shoulders: Shoulders of Orod-na-Thôn (Red Dye)
Chest: Breastplate of Might (Red Dye)
Gloves: Elven Soldier’s Gloves (Red Dye)
Leggings: Well-Crafted Elven Leggings (Red Dye)
Shoes: Sellsword’s Boots (Red Dye)
Back: Treiglur-Clog (Red Dye)
Weapon: Broadsword


2 thoughts on “The Dragoon

  1. I really, really like this outfit. You did a fantastic job matching all the reds and greys, and the cloak is a perfect accent. The green really pops.

    Yay for action shots! It’s great that you slayed a red drake while garbed in a cloak of the same. 🙂


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