Temple Explorer

Bam-ba-dam-baaam… bam-ba-daaamm…! Recognise the theme tune? Maybe the hat is a clue… The armour sets that can be bartered for Medallions of the North-Men in Enedwaith truly are lovely. What isn’t lovely is how difficult it is to obtain them. The In Their Absence instance cluster has a very steep difficulty curve, and grinding the easier instances isn’t all that rewarding in terms of medallion payout. Nonetheless, I enjoyed powering through them and finding my way to the Lost Temple. And… wow! What a sight! Very inspiring to the intrepid outfitter. One of my fellow adventurers described Lost Temple as, ‘the Indiana Jones instance,’ which made me laugh. It also got me thinking about cosmetics…

As with my previous post, I was very fortunate with this outfit. I glanced through the armour section of the Auction House today and bagged an absolute treasure trove. I don’t have the Isengard instance cluster or access to quests in Dunland, but a lot of the time pieces that drop in Isengard instances end up on the Auction House. If, like me, you too envy the ability to access these unique cosmetics, don’t forget to watch for auctions! You never know what you’ll get your hands on for a total steal. Of course, if you lack the funds, you could always delve into an ancient temple and see what you can unearth hidden amongst the ruins.

For an even more Indiana-esque outfit you could try the Cel-Crus chest piece, which looks very much like Indiana Jones’ actual shirt. If you’re very, very lucky you could even bag this backpack by doing the fellowship quests from Gath Forthnir in Angmar and possibly collect one of the barterable items that can be used to acquire this backpack at Esteldin. If not, search it out in the Store. Now, if only I could find a whip…

Head: Adventurer’s Hat
Chest: Arth-Crus
Gloves: Durn-Durnvol
Leggings: Angolbellas (Umber Dye)
Shoes: Fine Grey Company Boots (Grey Dye)
Back: Campaign Backpack


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