Bands of Bronze

Outfitting can be amusingly infuriating at times. I spent hours upon hours today trying to get one outfit together, then completely by accident another one fell all but pre-made into my lap. What else could I do but roll my eyes and smile? While struggling to gather the materials for a specific piece I wanted, I decided to soothe my frustrations by glancing at the outfits section of the Auction House. Immediately my eyes fell upon this hauberk and quiver, which were both going for exceptionally reasonable prices, (particularly by Imladris’ standards). I had also finished off some quests in the Trollshaws earlier on, where I had picked up these billiant shoulders, which just so happened to match one of my Tailor recipe helms. So, four quite matching and interesting pieces in the space of about five seconds, compared to the hours of toil trying to finish another look. You have to laugh…

While these pieces aren’t the most matching in terms of colour, the more I played around with screenshots, the more I began to like that. The slight divergences of colour and texture seemed to suit the dappled shadows and rippling light filtering through the trees, enhancing the tiger stripes of the boots and on the sides of the hauberk. It made Candle seem like an errant hunter, blending into his surroundings with a haphazard armour set he’d collected throughout his travels.

I can only hope my next outfit is equally effortless. I still have to grind away at In Their Absence instances to collect Medallions of the North-Men for the aforementioned outfit, so in the meantime let’s cross our fingers that another cosmetic windfall comes my way. Be good to me, Auction House!

Head: Footman’s Helm (Orange Dye)
Shoulders: Glavroleth’s Boon
Chest: Banded Hauberk
Gloves: Fel-Durnvol (Sienna Dye)
Shoes: Vibrant Brushed Skirmish Boots (Rust Dye)
Back: Rugged Quiver (Rust Dye)


2 thoughts on “Bands of Bronze

  1. You are so right! Sometimes an outfit just hits me on the head, easy to prepare and kind of self-designing. Other times I go through every cloak I have and nothing works with the shoulders, etc.

    I like the quiver a lot, I need one. Lol. 🙂

    • Haha. Actually planning an outfit can be a nightmare. I’m always grateful to good fortune when one just ‘happens’ but it does make me all /shakefist that the ones I plan can be such a bother!

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