A New Look

After recently browsing some new fashion blogs, I decided it was more than due time to give mine a makeover. Now that I’m more or less into the blogging groove, (thanks to some very good advice from Hymne over at the initimable Cosmetic Lotro), I thought I should do my best to make my blog a pleasant place to visit. My previous theme, while clear and good for showcasing screenshots, was admittedly rather bland and the text was so small!

In its place I settled on this popular theme, Twenty Eleven, which is much more customisable. I looked at other outfitting blogs for ideas on what else to add and how to arrange the different aspects of the blog. Hopefully it’s all very clear and reinvigorated. In any case, what is fashion without change? We must do our best to keep up with the times!

On a somewhat more melancholy note, has anyone else seen that Darzil will no longer be updating his impossibly useful site, (the link to which is in my Helpful LOTRO Websites list)? I do hope a dedicated team rallies to take it on and continue the amazing work Darzil has done for so long. I cannot tell you how invaluable that site has been to me, not only as an outfitter but also just as a player of the game. We’ll miss you, Darzil!


3 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. Aiee, I had not heard that about Darzil; so sad! Thank you for the update.

    And I’m here via Ivy; I’m looking forward to reading all your posts. Nice to meet you!

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