Polar Star

Enamoured of this lovely Lore-Master robe, I decided to put together another outfit while waiitng for a kind Tailor to craft me a cloak. In this instance I had to showcase the original base colour of the robe, this beautiful shade of powder blue, really rather unique and nigh on impossible to match with any dye.

As I didn’t want this outfit to be too similar to my previous one, I trawled through my Tailor recipes for some appropriate additions. Between Expert and Supreme tiers there are some very… unusual hats that a Tailor can craft. Most of them are downright bizarre and difficult to imagine enhancing anyone’s armour, (even a squishy Minstrel), but cosmetically they certainly have merit. This particular hat, while odd in its own, bobbly way, does seem to work quite well, and is a good colour match for the robe.

I wasn’t anticipating a snowy outfit, but the bobbles and the shoulder piece seemed to give it a wintry flair. As with my grey outfit, I didn’t add a cloak because I absolutely love the star insignia emblazoned on the back of the robe. However, the Cloak of the Silver Star could be a nice colour match, although its wavy, watery patterns didn’t seem to match the winter traveller theme.

Head: Radiant Hat (Umber Dye)
Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Learned (Umber Dye)
Chest: Robe of Long Memory
Gloves: Cloth Gloves
Shoes: Rhydhid-Lhopan (White Dye)


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