Dusty Lore

Well, this was certainly a mini labour of love. As with a lot of my outfit ideas, this one came from discovering an interesting location and imagining what Candle could be doing there. In this instance the place was the Vault of Celebrain’s Legacy, a hidden area accessed via the Riddle Master quest line in the Trollshaws. As soon as I opened the secret door and was faced with the tumbled ruin of dusty artefacts, all beautifully illuminated by a shaft of sunlight piercing the roof, I knew I had to create an outfit.

I had the idea of a scholar-cum-archeologist, examining these ruins in the hopes of making a great discovery. The muted tones of greys and off-whites gave me my colour scheme, and I knew I wanted to work with the head piece. This hat was a Great River quest reward and a really interesting cosmetic, but nothing I had in my vault seemed to fit. I tried one piece after another, but chest garments didn’t fit with leg garments, and one piece that worked well with the hat meant I couldn’t use another because of ill-matching colours. Eventually, I decided to hunt down this robe that can be bartered at Tinnudir, which meant logging a lower-levelled toon and going to work.

After ploughing through quests in Evendim, I finally had enough Silver Arnorian Coins to afford the robe. It’s actually for a Lore-Master, but thanks to the wardrobe Candle gets to model it. The rest of the outfit consists of simple pieces from an outfitter, an armour vendor and the Skirmish Camp. All in all, I’m quite happy with the result. This outfit encapsulates my outfitting philosophy of making do with the best that’s available to you. I know several pieces that could have enhanced this outfit, or could have been swapped to make it more scholarly, but ultimately I’m happy with the result. The off-white additions on this robe really suit the surroundings, and such a pretty robe is bound to come in handy again. My only problem now is wanting the rest of the Tinnudir pieces! More levelling and more questing ahoy!

Head: Angolharn
Shoulders: Dwarf Cloth Shoulder Pads (Grey Dye)
Chest: Robe of Long Memory (Grey Dye)
Gloves: Cloth Gloves
Shoes: Brushed Leather Boots


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