Paper Faces on Parade!

An extra long post today for an extra special event! Yesterday I attended an event thrown by the Children of Arda, a roleplaying kinship on the Imladris server. At their kinhouse in Falathlorn Homesteads they threw a lavish masquerade ball with open invitations to all fans of fashion. There were even prizes given out to special categories of outfits, which were judged by three members of the kinship. The first set of categories were Scariest Outfit, Most Colourful Outfit and Most Beautiful Outfit, the winners of which were awarded a whopping 500 Turbine Points. The second set of categories were Best Use of a Single Colour, Best Animal Outfit and Best Outfit Representing Nature, the winners of which were awarded in-game money and a selection of dyes.

I made a huge amount of outfits for this event. The different categories were so inspiring, and the amount of masks and helms in LOTRO just begging for suitable outfits is staggering to a cosmetics nut. I may showcase some of the outfits that didn’t make the final cut at some point, but for now this is the outfit I settled on. I wanted to try my best to place in the TP categories and so decided to give Most Colourful a try. I began with my most colourful cloak, (and one of the most lavish in the game), then went through my Tailor recipes one-by-one looking for an armour set that matched. Once I stumbled across an armour set that not only featured red and gold, but also dyed a very nice shade of purple the rest just fell into place. I used another armour set for the gloves and shoes, one of my favourite shoulder garments and a beautiful masquerade-style helm from the Skirmish Camp. Et voila! Candle the clown, straight from Middle-Earth’s version of the Commedia dell’Arte! I was even lucky enough to realise the outfit went well with the very festive Fireworks Steed from the 5th Anniversary.

I attended the masquerade with my fellow Imladris fashion bloggers, Fayewen and Bronwen, from An Unexpected Fashion Blog. Although Fayewen and I settled on the same ‘mask’ there was no planning involved, it was simply a happy coincidence, (though I did hear one of the judges had a particular fondness for purple…). Fayewen was decked out in the gorgeous Reveller’s garments, which dye especially well regardless of the colour. Bronwen came in an incredible turtle outfit, which put to rest my ambitions for something similar. For a while now, I had been considering creating a turtle outfit with a Light Shell Shield from the Filikul instance. I had the idea to rival the pre-order cosmetic armour set for the latest LOTRO expansion, Riders of Rohan, (which personally reminds me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtle Power), but after seeing Bronwen’s outfit I happily bow to the master. I don’t think I could top that.

There was a truly impressive display of outfitting at this event. One section of the party area even seemed to represent the servants of the Enemy, complete with Morgoth and mini Sauron. You can also see a selection of outfits as we all lined up ready for the judges to peruse our efforts. I joined the first group to be judged, (Scariest, Most Colourful and Most Beautiful), and, taking it in turns, we ascended the stage and performed as best we could, using emotes and our showiest skills.

A spin, a backflip, a dazzling display of a Minstrel’s Noble Cause, and I was done. I left the stage with a bow and awaited the judge’s deliberations…

And I won! I was awarded the prize for Most Colourful, and bagged the 500 TP. On either side of me were the winners for Scariest and Most Beautiful. It was so lovely to win and I’m very grateful to the Children of Arda and the judges. Unfortunately I was unable to screenshot the rest of the competition because I had a Wi-Fi malfunction, but I’m happy to report Bronwen won Best Animal Outfit for her amazing turtle costume! All in all it was a great event and one I hope sets a trend for others in the future. Hooray for cosmetics!

Head: Helm of the West Tower
Shoulders: Songmaster’s Shoulders (Purple Dye)
Chest: Dwarf-Make Campaigner’s Armour (Purple Dye)
Gloves: Resplendent Gloves of Lothlórien (Purple Dye)
Leggings: Dwarf-Make Campaigner’s Leggings (Purple Dye)
Shoes: Resplendent Shoes of Lothlórien (Red Dye)
Back: Cloak of Mordirith’s Bane
Mount: Fireworks Laden Horse


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