Celebrating Summer

Hooray for sunshine! I often find myself reluctant to put together outfits in green because it’s such an abundant colour in LOTRO. Every second person is wearing green, and while many of these outfits are inarguably lovely, it can be a little boring. Yet given the fact summer is finally coming into its height and everything is lush and verdant, I finally relented and decided if I was going to a do a green outfit, it would have to be a GREEN outfit.

This outfit uses the special cloak from the 5th LOTRO anniversary, (Candle’s unofficial birthday), which is quite a fun cosmetic to play around with, given its uniqueness. While I actually prefer hoodless cloaks, the paler wing patterns on this cloak make it very versatile, and a fun match for lighter tones of green and even whites. Try this robe in white, for example…

I’m very much looking forward to the Summer Festival soon, (and the all new Farmer’s Faire!), plus a bunch of other player-devised festivities. Of course, there’ll be cosmetic fun to accompany them all. Exciting times!

Chest: Ceremonial Robe of the Seven Stars (Rivendell Green Dye)
Gloves: Dwarf Padded Gloves (Forest Green Dye)
Shoes: August Potent Boots of the Golden Wood (Forest Green Dye)
Back: Cloak of the Fifth Season


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