Braving the North

As Candle is the first toon I’ve levelled to 75 since the Rise of Isengard update, I found myself neglecting parts of the game that in the past I would have prioritised. Distracted by the wonders of the newer regions I let certain duties slip, so finally I decided to concentrate on tying up those loose ends. I began by grinding reputation with the Lossoth. Why bother, you ask? Cosmetics, of course!

Forochel is one of my favourite regions in LOTRO. Not only is it beautiful, it has three unique armour sets and a boatload of unique cloaks. This outfit was inspired by one of the ceremonial versions of these cloaks, (Bear-Fur, sorry Tundra Cub!), as well as by the gorgeous northern lights above the Forochel ice bay.

Of course, being Candle, nothing is ever entirely solemn. I spent the entire time creating this outfit with Christmas songs stuck in my head. Not very apt in July, but it kept me perky. I was also told my outfits were beautiful and cute today, which was lovely! Inspired by these, I threw together a silly little picture with the help of some mischievous Hobbits. Merry Christmas (in five months)!

Shoulders: Ceremonial Leijona Shoulder Guards (Rose Dye)
Chest: Sturdy Elven Leather Armour (White Dye)
Gloves: Ceremonial Leijona Gloves (Rose Dye)
Leggings: Sturdy Elven Leather Leggings (White Dye)
Shoes: Ceremonial Leijona Boots (Rose Dye)
Back: Ceremonial Bear-Fur Cloak

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