Southern Songmaster

I. Love. This. Hat. I’ve only ever seen it once before, and I never knew where it came from. Now I know! Recently Turbine added some items from the Mines of Moria armour sets to the Cosmetics vendor at the Skirmish Camp. That means that anyone can access these items, which previously were only available to those who bought the Moria expansion. While these pieces were already available to all classes in the Orc Watch in Moria, (bartered with Medallions of Moria, and then rendered classless by using the Wardrobe), I think it’s a fantastic idea to make them more readily avilable. There are still Moria-specific armours that can be used as cosmetics, but as with the Annuminas, Helegrod and Rift sets, (to name but a few), it seems to me a great idea to add earlier expansion sets as cosmetics.

For the longest time I was entirely free-to-play, and very devoted to the cause. I extolled the virtues of grinding both levels and Turbine Points, and managed to achieve the level cap and much else besides. I still wholeheartedly believe in putting in the effort and being as independent and self-sufficient as you can in-game, bu the luxury of excess Turbine Points means… Store exclusive cosmetics! Behold, the first cosmetic I have ever bought from the Store: The Cloak of the Mallorn!

For a while now I’ve had an idea for the outfit of a Southern traveller and wanted something in purples and golds. When I stumbled across this hat I instantly knew it was what I wanted, but then I saw the robe too, and as usual became completely distracted. Sticking with my colour theme, I originally planned to use a Linen Cloak, but, noticing the diamond pattern on the front of this robe, I decided only one cloak would suffice. I love the hat so much though it’s bound to make a reappearance, so watch out for it!

Head: Ceremonial Hat of the Stone-Student (Purple Dye)
Chest: Ceremonial Robe of the Stone-Student (Purple Dye)
Shoes: Rock-Climber’s Shoes (Purple Dye)
Back: Cloak of the Mallorn (Purple Dye)


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