A Pink Ranger?

For a while now I’ve been wanting to create a pink outfit. Rose Dye, as it’s known in LOTRO, is very easy to mock, (and admittedly it can be used to hilarious and very creative effect), but you rarely see an outfit in pink that can be taken seriously. Admittedly, there’s the odd rose-dyed dress, but that’s fairly basic. However, as usual when outfitting I found myself distracted by other pieces and ended up creating something… almost pink. Grown up pink. Burgundy, in fact.

When planning my pink outfit, I immediately thought of Carchol, the cloak that drops from one of the earlier instance clusters that are available to all players, Garth Agarwen. It’s a very interesting cloak in that its shades of pink are rarely seen in any garment. That coupled with FINALLY finishing the Saviour of Eriador series of deeds, (thanks to some very kind players on Imladris), I got my hands on the Dúnedain Great-Horse, with its brazenly pink details, and so felt the time was right.

Alas, distracted by the lovely Bakewell tart style shoulders and the chest piece, not to mention the fact that Rose Dye tends to come out either candyfloss pink or strangely purple, and given Carchol’s uniqueness, I settled on a burgundy and umber affair. Maybe when Candle the ranger gets over his shyness he’ll go all-out, fearlessly pink, but for now, while discretely watching over the folk of Bree-Land, his unequivocal stylishness is a tad subdued.

Chest: Dwarf-Make Skirmisher’s Armour (Burgundy Dye)
Shoulders: Hunter’s Shoulder Guards (Burgundy Dye)
Gloves: Menevaib (Burgundy Dye)
Leggings: Ceremonial Town-Saver’s Leggings (Burgundy Dye)
Back: Carchol
Mount: Dúnedain Great-Horse


4 thoughts on “A Pink Ranger?

  1. Yum, I loooove the color combinations you used. It’s not often one sees burgundy, brown and pink. They work beautifully. 🙂


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