Warg Keeper

Much of my inspiration for outfits comes from generally meandering around Middle-Earth. Even after playing for several years, I’ll often stumble upon somewhere I’ve never seen before and instantly have an idea. Haudh Eglan in the North Downs was one such place. Having decided to clear some slayer deeds from my Deed Log, I went in search of wargs and found their den. Boom! Instant inspiration!

This outfit was a tricky one to pull together because brown tones in LOTRO are so varied. Plus I had to grind In Their Absence instances like crazy to afford the Medallions of the North-Men that can be bartered for the head piece. The Enedwaith armour sets are such good cosmetics though, and well worth the effort. Not to mention the fact the instances are really fun!

True, Candle is an Elf, (and justifiably virtuous), but who says Elves can’t play dirty and master a pack of vicious wargs? If nothing else I’m sure they’re cute as babies. Just pay no mind if instead of bringing home gifts of dead birds and mice, they drag in a Hobbit corpse every now and then…

Head: Lesser Arrow of the West Helmet (Umber Dye)
Shoulders: Resilient Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons (Red Dye)
Chest: Dwarf Leather Shirt (Umber Dye)
Gloves: Snow-Dusted Travelling Gloves
Leggings: Leggings of the Hall-Warden (Umber Dye)
Shoes: Shadid-Jazàm
Back: Cloak of the Boar (Umber Dye)

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