Pretty Prospects

Middle-Earth certainly is an inspiring place. Even deep in underground chasms you can stumble across sights that will leave you awestruck. Admittedly, though, this quirky outfit wasn’t inspired in that way at all. It was in fact purely a product of the head piece.

I created Candle right around the time of the 5th anniversary of LOTRO, wherein this mask was one of the festival rewards. I immediately saw it more like a blacksmith’s face guard and set about making an outfit, (actually for another character), that would suit this theme. At the time I wasn’t kindred with Thorin’s Hall, which would have allowed me to purchase a slightly more rugged prospector’s backpack, so I had to make do with the rather fancy one from the Hobbit outfitter in Michel-Delving.

The rest out of the outfit came together from the backpack, or more specifically from its odd combination of colours. With almost lime green sides and orangey-red detailing I found that this robe from the outfitter, dyed violet, combined with some green dyed gloves and boots, actually didn’t look too bad at all. At a stretch we’ll call it inspired by the hues of gemstones, (and not just a crazy mish-mash of greens, oranges and purples!).

Head: Firework Launcher’s Face Guard
Chest: Craftman’s Robe (Violet Dye)
Gloves: Hornblower’s Hands (Ranger Green Dye)
Shoes: Padded Leather Boots (Ranger Green Dye)
Back: Sturdy Prospector’s Pack (Violet Dye)

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