Frost and Flame

Well, this was an unexpected outfit. I originally began trying to devise an outfit based on a particular held item. A few tweaks later the item was gone and the entire outfit had been revamped. Instead I ended up with something entirely different but I still think rather interesting.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of fire and ice when putting this outfit together. I kept thinking of it as an outfit for a Lore-Master or Rune-Keeper, the masters of such destructive powers of nature. The little pouches attached to one side of the leggings could match well with a Rune-Keeper’s satchel, (though better if they were still dyeable…), and likewise the tree pattern on the shoulders could suit a Lore-Master’s affinity with all things natural.

My Rune-Keeper and Lore-Master are both female, so I’m not sure how the outfit would have looked on them. I like it on a male Elf because the wide leggings help to balance out the broadness of their shoulders, but it would certainly be interesting to try it out.

Head: Urdhol-Helm (White Dye)
Shoulders: Gwir-Palvais (White Dye)
Chest: Isengard Prisoner Shirt (Red Dye)
Gloves: Dirge-Singer’s Bracers (Red Dye)
Leggings: Tavol-Socas (White Dye)
Shoes: Angoldal (Grey Dye)


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