Gone Fishin’

This is the very first proper cosmetic outfit I made for Candle, and frankly I love it! I was really proud of this outfit because it all came together so easily and I think so well. The boots, for example, really match the shoulder parts of the hauberk, the white on the sleeves accentuates simple gloves making them seem almost like fancy gauntlets and the bands of the hauberk are almost identical in colour to the bands on the hat. I do love a happy accident!

When I first started playing as Candle I pictured him as an Elf of the Teleri, the people whose lives were tied to the sea and sailing. As such, I designed a lot of his outfits based on water and shades of blue. This outfit was my day-to-day runaround, being silly and fishing when I should have been questing or working to pay for my exorbitant outfit expenses.

My original plan with Candle’s two free outfit slots was to create this outfit for fishing, and then when I achieved the title by levelling up my fishing hobby, another outfit for the Lord of Streams. This outfit can be almost entirely recyled for that very cheaply, (and it looks good too!) which I’ll demonstrate in another post, though it wasn’t the outfit I ultimately settled on.

Head: Ovorlas’s Helm (Navy Dye)
Chest: Mariner’s Hauberk (Navy Dye)
Gloves: Cloth Gloves (Navy Dye)
Shoes: Glossy Leather Boots
Back: Fisher’s Backpack (Navy Dye)

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